General Health And Wellness

Through the one-stop platform combining online and offline medical services, we build a healthy lifestyle for the people of all age groups, and continuously integrate superior health and wellness resources to provide customers with combined medical and elderly care services, smart health and elderly care services, and etc. To promote the upgrading of health care services to meet the needs of the elderly, we build a healthy and complete service system for the elderly in contemporary China, to help them establish a new way of life and enrich their life in later years. In the future, our mass health business will integrate the traditional businesses and upgrade into three service systems with Family Doctor, Health Steward and Life Steward as the core business sectors, and build the “Health Cloud”, a platform supporting modularization, resources integration and technology application in the mass health industry. In partnership with the industrial fund, we incubate resource modules and apply them to the existing community-based business ecosystem, and build an incubator of mass health industry with the existing property management and business operation service ecosystem.